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Our Old Man Emu suspension has proved to be the most robust of the systems available in PNG and will continue to be the leader in the field of 4WD suspensions. It is quite simply, the best suspension available. 

Don’t waste your money on inferior suspension products, just buy the best ! you wont regret it.


ARB Bull Bars will provide substantially improved protection for vulnerable mechanical components against animal strikes, whilst providing a solid base for mounting other accessories like driving lights, winches and CB antennas.


Suspension, especially when referring to 4WDs, is extremely complex. Determining the right solution for each 4WD requires special attention to many factors, with weight being the most critical. When an emu (flightless Australian bird) runs, its powerful legs absorb most of the impact, allowing it to move over all types of terrain while its body remains virtually motionless. This is what Old Man Emu strives to achieve with its range of fully integrated 4×4 shocks and suspension systems.


ARB side protection equipment acts as a shield between your vehicle’s vulnerable lower panels, and rocks or road debris encountered in remote area travel A complete ARB side rail and integrated step system provides the ultimate protection for off road driving, as well as allowing for easier access to the vehicle through the fitting of tread plate steps featured on most models.


Foul weather, night driving and the impending hazard of stray animals all demand the need for a clear view of the road. By focussing light properly in front of the vehicle, ARB’s range of LED driving lights actually increases visible range, improving your ability to react and reducing driver fatigue. From the engineering of mounts, body strength and finish, to the flawless lenses and reflectors, ARB offers an extensive range of the best vehicle lighting options in Australia to suit your every driving need.


There is no better way to protect the back of your vehicle than with ARB’s range of rear protection equipment. Rear step tow bars are available for utes, along with rear bars (some of which incorporate wheel carriers), to cater for the diverse needs of 4WDers. All types integrate a heavy duty towing system for maximum functionality, but also incorporate individual features that differ for specific models.


Protecting your engine from dust and water ingestion is essential when driving off road. A Safari snorkel will ensure that clean, dry air is always available, regardless of conditions. A Safari snorkel relocates your engine’s air intake point from a relatively low and vulnerable position under the bonnet to a much higher and safer location where a constant source of cool, clean air is available.